our focus

What We Do

Bakamo helps you to see the world as consumers see it. We use technology and human understanding to tell you what the millions of conversations taking place online every day mean for you. 

We know it is the perception that really counts.

Our granular analysis allows us to work across a wide range of industry sectors on strategic questions. We love the variety of topics we immerse ourselves in to see human behaviour across many contexts. 

We enjoy going beyond the obvious, driven by curiosity and creativity to learn about people in a new and exciting way, framing and re-framing it in order to find ways of establishing impactful communication.

We know, it is the narratives that matter. 

Our products

We always strive for elaborate results and do our best for our clients

Social Mirror

The mirror is a light-weight and fast turn-around product, providing agencies, insight professionals​

Social Mirror

And strategists with access to raw qualitative data. It is the perfect springboard to research or communication projects

Narrative Landscape

Explores the triggers, topics, and themes of a people’s conversation around any issue, category, or brand

Narrative Landscape

To deliver the narrative content and frames defining people’s perceptions, attitudes, needs, and journeys

Inspiration Highway

Acquires a deep understanding of if the audience segments by shedding light on people’s needs, motivations, language, and behavior

Inspiration Highway

Persona analysis leverages the self-reflexivity of social media communication to discern need-states

Persona Landscape

We provide a range of retained insight and reporting services to guide our clients with consultancy beyond the insights for strategic communication challenges

Persona Landscape

Bakamo’s broad expertise in strategy and communications and an extensive network of experts around the world, allow our clients to get ahead with mission-critical objectives
Integrity is what drives us

Because we listen to authentic voices, and our work is not biased by the assumptions in traditional research approaches

experience excellence

When Should You Use Bakamo?

Bakamo’s approaches respond to a wide variety of questions which, when answered through social, become fully grounded in the authentic consumer experience. Here are just some of the ways our clients have used them.

  • Entering new markets
  • Marketing strategy and positioning
  • New and unexpected trends
  • Identifying competitive threats
  • Social activism and awareness
  • Service delivery troubleshooting
  • Discovering consumer journeys
  • Authentic consumer language
  • Market segmentation
  • Messaging to specific targets
  • Content marketing strategy
  • Identifying influencers, opinion shapers
  • Barriers to product adoption
  • Product usage (text and imagery, and unexpected uses)
  • Category & competitor understanding
  • Contextual customer satisfaction
  • Finding unpopular or socially-unacceptable points of view
  • Brand image and perception
  • Competitive analysis
  • Re-branding